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Customer Comments:



Attached is the press release on our medals we won for our Fruit Wines.  Your products are top notch and we are proud to give you credit for our awards alsoThanks for your service Jim, we truly appreciate it.

-The Zampogna Family and FWC Staff

FLICKERWOOD WINE CELLARS of Kane, PA won medals with all 6 of their entries
and their Blackberry & Blueberry blend won DOUBLE GOLD & BEST FRUIT WINE.


Always a pleasure seeing Ron.  He is a great ambassador for Walker's Juice.  Thanks again. I can honestly say that we have had excellent products and service from Walker's for over twenty years.

-Bob Ramsey, Stonehaus Winery


Thanks for everything; you are always so accommodating!!!

-Kathy Krinjeck, Germantown Winery


You guys are the best!! Blessings to all of your family. If it weren't for your family we wouldn't have succeeded. We owe a lot more than money. Things have much improved this year with the good wine supply, thanks to Walkers! This is going to be a good year ... I feel it.  Thanks!

-Mary Sorrenti, Cherry Valley Vineyards


We just found out that our wine Sunset, which is made from Concord we get from you, won best wine overall at the Wisconsin professional wine competition. So thanks for the great juice!

-Donna Sachs, River Bend Vineyard


The wine we made from your Cayuga White juice won Double Gold and Silver at Iowa State Fair this year! Thanks for providing a great product!

-Brian Madigan, Madigan Winery
















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