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Wholesale Letter



August 8, 2016

Greetings Winemakers!

This past winter's mild weather was a welcome change after the previous two winters. The vines surely needed a break. And so did we! Although some varieties have not totally recovered from the damage, most varieties will have a typical crop this year. Some areas have been hit with late spring frosts, while others have been too dry; but generally we are looking at a good harvest.

You will notice some price increases this season as the price paid to the farmers for some varieties will be going up significantly this year. The big processors and some start up wineries are competing for any available tonnage. Last year's shortages resulted in very low inventory levels; and everyone is trying to correct that by buying more grapes from an already tight supply.

We have been working hard to secure all the grapes we need and at the same time, trying to keep the price as constant as possible. While most of the red varieties will go up in price, some will remain the same. Most of the white varieties will stay the same as last year but few will have to go up for the shortages that occur.

Most of our fruit juices have either remained the same price or even come down in price. For the second year in a row, an excellent crop and reduced demand from the fast food industry has allowed blackberry to come down in price as has the cranberry, red raspberry, and rhubarb. Blueberries on the other hand, have gone up in price as shortages have demanded a higher price for the fruit.

We continue to deliver more and more juice in IBC's and barrels and that brings its own challenges. But we have worked through those challenges and have a system now in place that satisfies most of our customer's needs and keeps our drivers happy. Our drivers will continue to inspect the barrels that are being returned to make sure they are clean and with bungs in place. We continue to use common carrier to deliver some orders where our trucks don't go often enough.

In the event that shortages develop, customers that order early and take prompt delivery will be favored. Because of limited tank space, we cannot guarantee having early varieties for delayed delivery. As always, a storage fee of 5 cents per gallon per month will be added for any juices delivered after December 31st.


If you need more information, please call us at (716)679-1292 or e-mail

Very truly yours,
The Walkers

4 Generations Serving You - Growing for 60 years




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