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Wholesale Letter



August 1, 2017

Hello Fellow Winemakers!

At last we have our new price list established for the upcoming harvest. What an exciting season it is going to be. We had a good winter and a cool, wet spring but with adequate degree days for good growth. We had some minor spring frosts but no serious damage was done to the crop as a whole. The frequent rains created some challenges, but our growers have worked through them. It has been a far cry better than the historic drought we had last year!

As we saw last year, the demand for grapes has increased and the competition for those grapes has reached alarming levels. The large processors and start-up wineries are buying more and more of the grapes that would normally come to us. It has been necessary to increase the prices we are paying for some of the grapes we purchase in order to keep the loyalty of our growers. Because of this, you will see moderate price increases in a number of our juices.

You will also notice some shortages right off the bat. In spite of offering significant price increases for the available grapes, we will not have any Steuben, Isabella, Ives, Aurora, or Elvira available this year. We have planting programs in place and hope to have a supply of these varieties in the future. Rick and Matthew have done their very best to secure a good supply of all other varieties; and at this time, we don't expect to see any problems.

Last year we introduced a limited supply of single strength juice from Australia and it was a huge success. The quality is excellent, and because the harvest their grapes in March we are able to offer some later harvested varieties at the very start of our season. This year more varieties will be available, and we hope our supplies will last well into the season. Along with bulk juices from Australia, we are offering 5 gallon containers of premium red and premium white juice concentrates for back sweetening. These concentrates are protein and tartrate stabilized for worry free back sweetening.

We continue to deliver more and more juice in IBC's and barrels, but that brings its own challenges. We are working through those challenges and have a system in place now that satisfies most of our customer's needs and keeps our drivers happy. Our drivers will continue to inspect any barrels being returned to make sure they are clean and with the bungs in place. We continue to use common carrier to deliver some orders where our trucks don't go frequently, or at least not very often.

In the event that shortages develop, customers that order early and take prompt delivery will be favored. Because of limited tank space, we cannot guarantee having early varieties for delayed delivery. As always, a storage fee of 5 cents per gallon per month will be added for any juices delivered after December 31st.


If you need more information, please call us at (716)679-1292 or e-mail

Very truly yours,
The Walkers

4 Generations Serving You - Growing for 60 years




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