Letter toretailers

Greetings, Winemakers!

We are opening on September 30, 2021, at 9 a.m. Please check the “Hours” tab for complete dates and times.

This is a very interesting year. The weather has hurt the harvest giving us a shortage of purchasable grapes to press. There is a high demand for juice from the wineries, meaning we may not have some juices available for long, if at all.  Please check the website often for availability before coming to get your juice, as juices can be added or deleted daily depending on ripening and orders.

This is the last year we are mailing out a letter, please send an email with your preferred email address if you wish to get “opening” information from us in the future.

There is no tasting room.

Due to government regulations, we must inform you that our juices are not pasteurized and are only intended for winemaking, not fresh consumption.

We are following the current CDC and NYS Dept. of Health recommendations.

We look forward to pouring your juice again this year, we greatly appreciate your continued patronage!


The Walkers


(Three generations at your service)


5 Gallon Hot-Packs for sale through our online shop.



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