Letter toretailers

Greetings, Winemakers!

Welcome to our first website only Retail Sales Letter. The content will be the same as our old “snail-mail” letter, you may just need to “click” a couple of times to find the info you want…but I guarantee, it’s all here!!

The Salesroom will be open from September 22 – October 31, 2022 for bulk juice, hot packs and winemaking supplies. Note: we will be CLOSED TUESDAYS during this time due to decreased sales on those days and increased labor costs.  Sorry for any inconvenience. Please check the “Hours” tab for complete dates and times.

Juice availability should be pretty good this year even though we had some damaging Spring frosts.  These juices will not be available when we open: Noiret, Traminette, and Vidal. Unfortunately, we still won’t have Ives this year. NEWS FLASH: WE ARE GETTING IVES…stay tuned.

  We have changed our website format for listing the prices to be more like our letter format so that you can get all your info in one place, with fewer clicks.  If you notice that your favorite variety isn’t available in bulk (by the gallon), we only have 24 dispensing tanks and 60 juice varieties.  So, our best sellers are being put in those and all the rest are available in the hot packs. Sorry if your favorite didn’t make the cut.  As always, hot packs of juice can be ordered year-round and shipped to you or picked up at our farm. See “order info” at the bottom of the “Hours” page.

                Pick your own grapes will be available when we open. We have Concord grapes available at $0.50/lbs. Bring your own shears and containers.

There is no tasting room.

Due to government regulations, we must inform you that our juices are not pasteurized and are only intended for winemaking, not fresh consumption.

We are following the current CDC and NYS Dept. of Health recommendations.

We look forward to pouring your juice again this year, we greatly appreciate your continued patronage!


The Walkers


(Three generations at your service)


5 Gallon Hot-Packs for sale through our online shop.




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