Letter toretailers

Greetings, Winemakers!

Our fall season begins Thursday, September 28th, at 9 AM. We have been hard at work since late August, and should have a good selection of juices by opening day. Our Australian vinifera juices were extremely popular with customers last year, so we are excited to bring them back this fall. We will be offering two new varietals – Sangiovese, and Orange Muscat, while supplies last. Unfortunately, due to inadequate supply, Aurore, Chardonel, Elvira, Frontenac Gris, Ives, Steuben, and Vignoles grape juices will not be available this year. However, we should have sufficient quantities of the majority of our remaining juices.

We have made significant changes to our “post season” hours of operation to try and give customers more opportunities for purchasing our juices, while continuing to offer the highest quality products possible. A calendar is included below for your reference. The retail store will be open for Fall, Spring, and Summer seasons – during which time, we will be selling available juices by the gallon from both our cooler, and by Hot-Pack, along with a wide range of winemaking supplies. Beginning November 27th we will be open by “Appoitment-Only” for Hot-Pack juice sales, and winemaking supplies. When you call to make an appoitment, please ask for the retail store. This will allow them to review our inventory to determine if we have everything you need.

We look forward to “pouring” your juice again this year, and as always, we greatly appreciate your continued patronage.

The Walkers

(Three generations at your service)


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